1. Three (3) members under forty (40) years of age, with at least one (1) year of sobriety each, must represent the bidding city. They may be accompanied by supporters of any age.

2. Bidders must have commitments from at least two (2) hotels, if possible, including date showing availability of banquet and speaking rooms in the hotels, and proof whether the hotels require a commitment as to number of attendees.

3. Bidders must provide a permanent mailing address for the Conference.

4. Assurance must be given that no large-scale AA activity will be held in their city within a thirty (30)-day period before and within a thirty (30)-day period after the Conference date.

5. Statements of support from the District Committee Member(s) and the Intergroup Secretary must be brought to the Bidding Conference.

6. Prospective Bidders will be required to demonstrate financial capabilities and responsibilities within the Traditions of A.A. as a whole.

7. The city hosting the next Conference agrees to turn over all proceeds from their Conference after expenses, to the T.C.Y.P.A.A. Advisory Council for their distribution. This should be done within ninety (90) days after the Conference.

8. There will be a maximum limit of thirty (30) minutes for each bidding city’s presentation.

9. The city hosting the next conference agrees that at least two of the three main speakers presented at the conference will be forty (40) years of age or under. However, the hosting city may have one of the three main speakers be over the age of forty (40), provided their continuous sobriety began before the age of thirty (30).

10. Bidders will provide a concise statement illustrating the needs and hopes for the Conference in their area as they interpret them.


Advisory Council Requirements

1. Must have served on the Conference Committee continuously for six (6) months prior to the actual Conference on which they served.

2. Must be sober at least one (1) year.

3. Must live in the state of Tennessee.

4. Council members shall not have reached their fortieth (40) birthday upon election, but shall serve until their term expires regardless of age. 

Suggested Advisory Council Election Guidelines

1. Election should be held approximately six (6) weeks prior to the actual Conference date.

2. When possible, the Conference Committee should wait until at least one (1) member of the existing Advisory Council is present to conduct the election procedures.

3. Each Conference Committee shall elect three (3) members and three (3) Alternates to the Advisory Council.

4.  If an Advisory Council Member is unable to attend a conference during his or her service term, an Alternate from his or her city will be asked to serve for that particular conference. Council seats vacated due to resignation, shall be filled by previously designated Alternates and approved by the Council. The Alternate must be from the same Conference and named by the Council Member from that Conference. Alternates shall be elected as “First”, “Second”, and “Third”. Therefore, if the First Alternate is unavailable, then the Second Alternate shall be called to serve, and if the Second Alternate is unavailable, then the Third Alternate shall be called to serve.
Consideration for Advisory Council Member Candidates

1. Acceptance of an Advisory Council position is a continuous four (4) year commitment beyond
serving on the Council at the Conference which you are hosting.

2. Members are expected to attend all necessary Advisory Council business meetings.

3. Financial responsibilities, to be paid by the individual Council Members themselves, include:

a. Travel to four (4) consecutive Conferences, regardless of location, with every attempt made to arrive early

b. Attendance at special business meetings, if such meetings are called to travel to assist a faltering Conference

4. Automatic resignation from the Advisory Council occurs if:

a. Two (2) consecutive Conferences are missed

b. Sobriety is broken

c. Misappropriation of council funds

5. Much of the actual Conference time is taken up by Advisory Council business:

a. Hearing bids 

b. Conference site election for the following year

c. Council on workshop program

d. Any and all other business of the Council

6. In consideration of the above, we ask that no Council Member accept an invitation to be part of the program of any TCYPAA Conference during his/her term.

TCYPAA in the Past

1983 – Henry Horton State Park – “Free at Last”

1984 – Paris Landing State Park – “Life Go for It”

1985 – Nashville – “Life Begins With Sobriety”

1986 – Knoxville – “Pass-It-On”

1987 – Memphis – “Think-Thank-God”

1988 – Chattanooga – “I Can’t We Can”

1989 – Memphis – “Growing Up We Had to be Shown”

1990 – Tri-Cities – “Serenity Through Sobriety”

1991 – Chattanooga – ” Not a Moment too Soon”

1992 – Nashville – “A Declaration of Unity”

1993 – Knoxville – “Sobriety Happens & We’re Back”

1994 – Memphis – “Look No Further for Utopia”

1995 – Tri-Cities – “The Turning Point”

1996 – Nashville – “Our Common Welfare”

1997 – Chattanooga – “Sober & Young at Heart”

1998 – Knoxville -“The Joy is the Journey”

1999 – Nashville – “Building a Solid Foundation”

2000 – Jackson – “We Absolutely Insist On Enjoying Life”

2001 – Memphis – “Freedom From Bondage”

2002 – Nashville – “A New World Came Into View”

2003 – Gatlinburg – “Can We Choose”

2004 – Chattanooga – “The Keys to the Kingdom”

2005 – Kingsport – “Walk Softly, Carry a Big Book”

2006 – Jackson – “I Stood in the Sunlight at Last”

2007 – Nashville – “A Fellowship Has Grown Up About Us”

2008 – Memphis – “The Spiritual Life is Not a Theory”

2009 – Murfreesboro – “Spiritual Anonymity”

2010 – Knoxville – “It’s In The Literature”

2011 – Murfreesboro – “Have you a sufficient substitute?”

2012 – Nashville – “The Three Legacies…In Action!”

2013 – Memphis – “Rescued From Shipwreck”

2014 – Chattanooga – “Ask Me H.O.W.”

2015 – Jackson – “This Ain’t No Ordinary Whoopee Party”

2016 – Murfreesboro – “Stimulating An Electric Atmosphere”

2017 – Knoxville – ” Insanity…There’s A Step For That”

2018 – Memphis – “The Age of Miracles”

2019 – Nashville – “Who Then Made All This?”

2020 – Chattanooga – “A Vision for You: Life in Technicolor”

2021 – Knoxville 

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