The following are suggestions by the Advisory Council to be considered by the new Planning
Committee. They are based on previous Conference experience.

1. Return to your city and disband as a Bidding Committee. Take 4 – 6 weeks after the conference to announce that you will be forming a Host Committee and describe some of the positions you will need to fill. Announce the date, time, and place of this meeting at your home groups, districts, and Intergroup meetings as much as you can! Encourage people from all over to get involved!!! (Let Advisory Council Members know the date, time, and place of this meeting so that they may also attend)

2. Hold a meeting of all those involved and interested in your successful bid, and as a whole, to elect your
principal Officers (Chairman, Co-Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary), as well as establish your various
Committees (i.e. Public Information, Entertainment, Display/Literature, Registration, etc..).

3. This Conference does a greater job of carrying the message to the Young Alcoholic when the Conference Planning Committee is comprised of members who are forty (40) years of age and under, with a minimum of one (1) year sobriety, and comprised of twelve (12) to fifteen (15) members.

4. Good liaison with city Intergroup or State Committee may be best assured of both, provided a non-voting Advisory Committee of two (2) or three (3) members exists to give guidance when requested by the Planning Committee.

5. Many young alcoholics travel great distances to hear and meet with other young alcoholics and to learn how the young alcoholic achieves sobriety. With this in mind, the Committee MUST endeavor to obtain Speakers in the age group of forty (40) years of age and under. However, the hosting city may have one of the three main speakers be over the age of forty (40), provided their continuous sobriety began before the age of thirty (30).

6. Knowing that there are many excellent young alcoholics who make good speakers for the Conferences and who are willing to attend, it is our suggestion that all speakers on the program be reimbursed for their expenses. Experience has shown that the Planning Committee refers to their pre-registration or mailing list for Chairpeople and other participants, excluding Speakers.

7. During the Conference, where the Main Conference Registration is located or where the main focal point is, we urge that nothing but AA Conference-Approved Literature be sold and distributed. If you are going to sell T-shirts, Mugs, Lighters, etc., please keep such sales away from the Registration Table. Experience has shown that a “flea market” can develop and those unaware of our endeavor can be misled, especially by the press, radio, and television. Keep Twelve Traditions in mind at all times.

8. The Advisory Council would also appreciate the following requests be fulfilled:

a. We ask that a meeting room be made available for the Advisory Council, if possible.

b. We ask that the Advisory Council be put on the program for a Saturday morning “How To Put On A Bid” workshop at 8:30 a.m. in the Bid Session meeting room. This is our way of answering any questions which may arise or help those who would like information for present or future bids. The Council will also address the purpose and financial statement of the Advisory Council at this time.

c. In the Bid Session meeting room, we would like a long table(s) with 15 chairs to be set up on the floor (no risers, please), with a standing microphone for bidders to use, facing the Advisory Council table.

d. We ask that the host committee avoid scheduling the Conference on the 1st weekend in February, as this is the Delegate’s gathering. This will allow the Area 64 Delegate to attend the Conference.

9. If there is an “early bird” meeting at the Conference, please announce it as soon as possible.

10. Do not close the Conference until Sunday morning. On Sunday, after the morning speaker meeting, present the TCYPAA Banner to the new Host City and invite all to attend there next year.

11. The Host City agrees to provide the Advisory Council’s Secretary with copies of the minutes of their
meetings within a reasonable time after the meetings occur.

12. The Host Committee agrees to furnish all records, including the TCYPAA Host Committee Survey, to the Advisory Council within thirty (30) days of the Conference.


Open all Host Committee meetings, maintain order, recognize persons entitled to the floor, -state and put to vote all motions properly made and seconded, and announce results of all votes.
Create agenda for all committee meetings and arrange for and call additional meetings when necessary.
Affix his or her signature to all Host Committee actions.
To the best of his/her ability, abide by the Twelve Traditions of AA and ensure that none are broken.
Coordinate the work of all subcommittees and keep informed on progress of all arrangements.

Establish post office box for Host Committee and distribute all mail received to proper committees.
Maintain current phone list of all Host Committee members and positions held, and provide a current copy to each Host Committee member as well as Advisory Council members.
Record and date minutes of each meeting, and create a summary of all motions passed and tabled by
members at all meetings. Make copies of summaries and distribute to each member at next meeting.
Mail copies of minutes taken at each Host Committee meeting, as well as other pertinent information, to the Secretary of the Advisory Council.

Keep an up-to-date Treasurer’s Report, which includes the flow of all incoming and outgoing money, with details for each amount, and have available at each Host Committee Meeting.
Have all financial information, including bank statements, available at Host Committee meetings for review by anyone who requests it.
Advise Chairperson on cash supply and income flows as well as rate of expenditures and pay all bills.
Maintain records and receipts of all expenses submitted by each subcommittee for reimbursement.
Be responsible for all monies, including revenues from registration and banquet tickets.
Be responsible for recruiting volunteers to collect money at the door of all fundraising functions.
Be present at the time of departure to close account with hotel (after Conference).

Ensure that a financially feasible hotel, with adequate space for the Conference, is contracted.
Sign hotel contract and coffee contract (if coffee contract applies).
Act as liaison between Host Committee and hotel.
Be present at the time of departure to close account with hotel (after Conference).
Consult with Entertainment. Hospitality, Registration, Display & Literature, Speaker, and Program committees to ensure that adequate space and necessary equipment is available for each at Conference.
Coordinate all audio-visual equipment (if needed), set-ups, and break-downs with those committees
requesting such needs at the Conference.


Encourage attendees to:

· Smoke/vape only in designated areas

· Please be respectful of hotel staff and guests

· Please take care not to damage property

· Please be mindful of noise after hours

Collaborate with hotel chair to reserve TCYPAA event space and guest rooms away from other hotel guests


Serve as primary point of contact for safety related concerns of attendees

Work closely with Speaker Chairperson to develop the format for entire program of the Conference.
Consult with each committee as to what each committee will need printed in the program.
Find chairpersons for all meetings at Conference, as well as topics for meetings, workshops, speaker/panel meetings, and format for the Conference.
Find someone who can tape the meetings at the Conference.
Work closely with Registration and Display/Literature in developing the registration packet.

Coordinate all displays and posters at all Host Committee events as well as at the Conference.
Have AA Literature available at every Host Committee event as well as at the Conference.
Create flyers for all events and make sure that they get to Outreach Committee as soon as possible.
Work closely with Registration in developing a pre-registration flyer that includes hotel information, room costs, etc. and get to Outreach for distribution.
Responsible for creating (or having someone else create) the logo of the Conference.
Coordinate with Registration and Program committees in developing the registration packets and deciding upon which novelty items will be ordered.
Responsible for ordering all items to be sold at Conference such as T-shirts, mugs, etc.

Obtain flyers from Display/Literature and distribute to clubhouses, groups, treatment centers, individual members, meetings, and other AA functions across the state.
Announce times, dates, and places of Host Committee meetings and events at all AA meetings attended.
Get information about upcoming TCYPAA events to Central Office in order to get them printed in the monthly mail-out, The Messenger (deadline is the 15th of every month).
Get information about the Conference, four to six months in advance, to AA publications such as the AA Grapevine and Box 459 so they can print the information in their monthly publications.

Get information to the general public about TCYPAA’s activities and the Conference through media
vehicles such as those suggested in the GSO-Approved Public Information Workbook.
Ensure that all Public Information activities follow the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Develop ideas for pre-Conference events and ensure all aspects of such events, including places, dates,
times, speakers, costs, refreshments, music (if necessary), etc.
Get information to Display/Literature Committee as soon as possible so that a flyer can be developed.
Recruit volunteers to help with setting up, selling refreshments (if needed), and cleaning up afterward.
Coordinate all entertainment activities at Conference and work closely with Hotel to ensure that adequate space will be available for such activities.

Maintain file for all mail-in registrations and keep a list of all banquet tickets said.
Work closely with Display/Literature in developing a pre-registration flyer that includes hotel information, room costs, etc. and distribute.
Maintain mailing list of all Conference attendees (a list can be obtained from past Host Committee members).
Conduct two to three mailings of pre-registration flyers, several months in advance of the Conference, to the individuals on the mailing list of Conference attendees.
Work closely with the Program and Display/Literature Committees in creating a registration packet.
Assemble registration packets.
Coordinate with the Program Committee in creating the agenda for the Conference.
Coordinate with Hotel Chairperson to ensure that there is adequate space and equipment at Conference.
Recruit volunteers to work at the Registration Table at the Conference.

Find speakers and voice (announcer) for the Conference.
Work closely with Program Chairperson to develop the format for entire program of the Conference.
Work closely with Program Committee to ensure that all meetings and the voice are equipped with guidelines on chairing the meetings (Opening/Closing, “How it Works”, “Traditions”, announcements, etc.)
Mail out invitations and thank you notes to all speakers and the voice of the Conference.

Work closely with Hotel Chairperson to ensure that adequate space is available for the hospitality room.
Determine menu items for each meal to be provided at Conference.
Coordinate with Hotel Chairperson in determining the times to keep the hospitality room open.
Recruit volunteers to work in the room to ensure that room is supervised and kept stocked.

Represent and assume all responsibilities of the Chairperson of your committee during his/her absence.
Assist your Committee’s Chairperson in the designated duties and responsibilities of your committee.
Give assistance to other committees (if possible), when needed.

Responsible for creating and submitting a budget of estimated expenses which will cover their Committees part of the Conference costs.
Announce times, dates, and places of Host Committee meetings and events at all A.A. meetings attended.
Give assistance to other committees (if possible), when needed.



2. ASK FOR HELP from someone who has worked with hotels for AA functions.

3. BE PREPARED: Have a list of your needs before you go to negotiate (meeting space, room block
banquet, flat rate, etc.)

4. COFFEE: Negotiate the lowest possible price! Ask if it is okay to bring in coffee from outside, the
hotel’s brewing fee, would they provide cups, etc.

5. HOSPITALITY ROOMS: Make sure it is okay to bring in outside food into the hotel. Attempt to
have the hospitality room included in the meeting space or have it complimentary when room block is

6. BANQUET SPACE: This space should be complimentary when the room block is met (try to keep
the required room block for this at the lowest possible number).

7. BANQUEST COST: You should never lose money on the banquet. Get the price in writing!!! Get
the minimum number required in writing!!! Be conservative when estimating number of anticipated
banquet attendees so that you do not end up having to pay for banquet seats that are not sold. Also,
remember to charge enough for each banquet ticket to cover the cost and hopefully help the conference raise more money.

8. PARKING: Make sure that the parking is FREE for conference attendees!!! (Get this in writing!!!)

9. SMOKING: Make sure that smoking and non-smoking accommodating areas are provided.

10. CANCELLATION POLICY: Make sure there is a “No Penalty Policy” if the committee has to
cancel the conference.

11. ROOM RESERVATIONS: Make sure that the Host Committee is not responsible for reservation
cancellations by attendees.

12. HOTEL RESPONSIBILITY: Get in writing: If the hotel has to cancel, have in writing that they
will be financially and legally responsible for finding and providing an alternative hotel, with
equivalent or better services, at which to hold the conference, for the same price, room rate, etc.

13. ROOM RATE / ROOM BLOCK HOLD: Attempt have the room block, and low room rate, held
up until the dates of the conference if possible; if that is not possible, try to get the release date as
close to the conference as possible and include this information on your pre-registration flyer.

14. CHECKOUT TIME: Negotiate the latest possible checkout time you can.

15. BEFORE SIGNING THE CONTRACT: Have an attorney look over the contract before signing it!

16. INFORM HOTEL ABOUT OUR LOUDNESS: Upon signing the contract, inform the hotel that
the conference is loud, with dances and celebrations, so please be considerate of our need to be loud
and suggest that they do not schedule a seminar or such at the same time.

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